What is Alt Plate?

Alternative plate is a new emerging concept company. It’s primary goal and chief aim is to give people access to alternative protein and nutritional sources in recognizable form made from plants. We believe that this will give people the ability to take control of their lives in a health promoting, conscious way. We do this by making these foods recognizable like the fast foods you would see and find everywhere in the United States. Our sandwiches, veggie burgers, pizza, salads, pasta dishes and unique drinks and teas are anti-inflammatory and actually work. Our products have been sampling very well within a diverse cultural, athletic and economic demographic. Eating healthy has arrived and knows no cultural, occupational or economic divide. This concepts mission is to help this nation recognize the power of its plate with transitional plant based fast foods and drinks that are actually healthy in the true sense. This disruptive concept can be expanded quickly and will change the status quo. Our mission is to make a difference, by making healthy, sustainable, life extending choices accessible to the many in food service (hospitals, schools, athletics, military, prisons, corporate and public venue(s) via food trucks etc.) everywhere.



Alternative Plate is founded by Peter Teevan.



Alternative Plate will be starting it's mission at St. Barnabas Hospital in Long Branch, NJ. Stay tuned to our blog and social media for updates.