Tofu: Myths and Truths

 Our founder, Peter Teevan on Tofu:

I have been using tofu for over 25 years. The misinformation that I have seen over the years could fill Yankee stadium. Everything that I have read and experienced first hand shows that organic non gmo tofu and tempeh is excellent for you. They have been used for thousands of years. The people that have used them live healthy lives and there have been no reports that I know of that organic non gmo tofu or tempeh cause cancer or any other illness that I know of except if you are allergic. Misinformation about soy is basically the same as cholesterol is good for you. Cholesterol is produced by our bodies that is human cholesterol and has its function, When you add cholesterol from any other source that is when the problems begin. Think of foreign little pieces of broken glass running through your arteries and veins ( animal cholesterol) and when there is saturated fat along with it (from animal sources) that's the glue that makes it stick where it shouldn't!  I personally tested Tofu, seitan (PBM) and plant based eating for 7 years straight while training 6 days a week in Gung FU martial arts and weight lifting at the same time. The results...HOLLYWOOD!!! I was functioning at such a high level physically and mentally at 40 years old few could believe it. We know it works. All of my doctors especially my internist could not believe all the vitals. My cholesterol level was like 130 and the blood pressure of an Olympian. I had endless energy and my mental alertness was off the scale.

  Tofu is an original food source that most Asians eat especially the Japanese. Its part of their daily diets and no that's not the only thing they eat. What they confuse you with is the Frankenstein soy like all other Frankenstein foods and chemicals. The main ones when talking about Soy are Isolated Soy protein, hydrolyzed anything, modified anything and so on. This is where the bad stuff comes in. These modifications to soy or any other food source changes its composition into things the body cant use for good things and turns them into bad things at faster rates, which is why we do not use any isolated soy proteins in the products we produce. IGF1 levels is a term floating around in the medical journals when it comes to these modifications. Research yourself and read Dr John Mcdougalls work or Dr. Esselstyns work or Dr. Campbell's work. Here is a video that may surprise you about IGF1