Interested in carrying our unique products in your store, restaurant, gym, etc? We've got you covered.

 We offer bulk discounts on all our products, and we would love to come to your place of business to educate your employees on how to prepare and promote our plant-based food!

Among the products we offer for sale is a wide variety of our ever-popular PBM, a large number of secret plant-based sauces (these are game-changers!) and our legendary tumeric iced green tea!


Organic Tofu scramble


Organic Scramble egg salad


Organic Chickpea tuna salad


Organic Tempeh Bacon


Organic Gluten-free Nacho Mac and cheese


Organic red curry Quinoa Caviar


5oz Organic black bean burgers


5oz Organic Black Bean BUrger 4 pack


Chipotle patties


Chipotle maple garlic roast


Mesquite patties


Mesquite cowboy steak


Gyro roast packs


Taco PBM


Buffalo PBM patties


Italian sausage 4 per pack


Organic Green tea , turmeric and herbs iced tea


Organic Pita bread Cooked


Organic Pita Bread Raw


Organic pizza dough 12 oz


Organic Succanat sugar


Organic Buffalo Sauce- Available soon!


Chipotle Sauce- Available soon!


Chipotle mayo- Available soon!


Organic Spicy Mayo- Available soon!


Organic Spicy Ketchup- Available soon!


Organic Tzatziki Sauce- Available soon!


Avocado vinaigrette- Available soon!


Italian lemon vinaigrette- Available soon!


All available soon for purchase by the pound at the truck or for a catering event! 


Call us at 732-552-3319 for pricing!